Pet Grooming

Layton Cat Grooming - Sedation Free!

Specializing in SEDATION FREE cat grooming!  We have mastered revolutionary modern methods in pet grooming that provide:

a safe clipper burn-free experience

  • elevated quality in short or long length clips
  • fluffy choppy free finishes
  • a gentle touch in technique
  • skill in handling
  • a comfortable pet


dog grooming in Layton, UtahClips:

  • Short or long, up to 2 inches (full service bath included)
  • mat removal of any kind
  • fancy breed-specific patterns
  • cater to allergies from pet dander
  • dogs
  • cats
  • birds
  • small animals
  • Hard to Handle pets welcome

* Exclusive Provider of long length clips for fall and winter *

Full service bath includes:

  • eye scoop
  • nail trim
  • ear hair removal & cleaning
  • paw pads
  • sanitary shave
  • gland check

Pre-Purchase Grooming Bundles

2 month: Includes 2 consistent clips of your choice 6 weeks apart and 2 full service baths 2 weeks after each clip.

3 month:  Includes 3 consistent clips 6 weeks apart and 2 full service baths 4 weeks after each clip.

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